Meet our law clerks at Dermody Law.

Alexis Linden
Alexis has been with Dermody Law since 2009 and maintains the integrity of the wills and powers of attorney for our clients. Alexis is very experienced in counseling with individuals and families to ensure that all required documents are in order and in assisting with decisions and has over 30 years experience working in the legal field.

Alexis can be reached at or 905-383-3331 x 223

Dorothy Velic
Dorothy has been a real estate law clerk since 1975 and been with Dermody Law since 1986. She is well practiced in residential real estate, including estate sales and general sale and purchase transactions. Dorothy handles all real estate purchases and closings, as well as consulting with clients on risks and requirements for their various properties.

Dorothy may be reached at or 905-383-3331 x 222

Joanne Brigmantas

Joanne joined Dermody Law in 2012 in the capacity of Law Clerk.

She has many years of experience in estate administration, estate planning and estate litigation and related practices, in small and large firms, as well as with various branches of the Ministry of the Attorney General.

Her primary focus is proficient preparation of court applications for Certificates of Appointment of Estate Trustee and the administration of estates.
Joanne also has an interest in affordable access to legal services and is participating in the Law Commission of Ontario’s project for simplifying procedures for the administration of small estates.

Joanne can be reached at or 905-383-3331 x 6

Danielle Griffiths

Danielle joined us as an estates Law Clerk in 2016. Danielle’s many years working in the estates field in Hamilton has provided her with an excellent knowledge of estates law, processes, and procedures.   Danielle is proficient in the requirements of all applications and documentation forwarded to the court and is also involved with preparation of court documents and liaising with the Court.  Danielle worked as a senior law clerk at a large, respected law firm in Hamilton prior to joining Dermody Law and she has extensive experience in estate planning and administration.

Danielle can be reached at or 905-383-3331 x 5

Office Manager:

Maggie Northrup: or 905-383-3331 x 224

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